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April 2010 entries

Staying on Task

Dallas Bay blessed me with a month's sabbatical for 20 years of service. That month coupled with 4 weeks of vacation has afforded me of an unheard two months free time in 2010. That is allowing to do some things I have been wanting to do for a while, but just couldn't find the time. So I scheduled my first two weeks beginning after spring revival about a week ago. I am taking the 8 weeks in 4 groups of two. So last week I spent a few days in South Carolina hunting for the elusive and almost mythical Eastern turkey. I will include a picture of my first long beard below. 

This week I am in Destin Florida attempting to finish a book I started more than a year ago, Solomon's Prayer. This thing has given me fits. Every time I would start to edit the text something would happen to take me away. The publisher quit calling and just said to get back with him when I got back on track. Well, here I am on the gulf coast with my Bible and an unfinished book. I got a great deal on a room and have a beautiful view of the ocean from my 9th floor balcony. When I arrived I just asked the Lord to give me the fortitude to stay on task with deep sea fishing and golf just a few yards from my door. Well, He has come through again. It has done nothing but rain since I arrived. That isn't entirely accurate. The weather has also been dominated with high winds, lightning and tornado watches. The Lord sure knows how to keep me on task. I just hate it for all the others in the hotel. Maybe if I stay on task we can all get out and enjoy some rays before I have to leave. I'll talk with you soon. IMG_0003

One of Our Guys is Leaving the Nest

This is a big week for my wife Marilyn and me. After 23 years of having children at home, the last 19 with two boys, one of our guys is leaving the nest. This is a big event for any family. It probably doesn't rival a child coming into this world, but to a mom it comes pretty darn close. Saturday Adam moves into his own apartment.

Adam, being our first, changed our lives just as any young couples lives are changed by the birth of their first born. You go from making spur of the moment plans to go out of town or to dinner with friends. Suddenly you are met with the question, "What do we do with the baby?" The onset of parenthood slows down lifestyles, decreases available income and makes sleep a precious commodity. As drastic a change as Adam's birth was to our lifestyle, his diagnosis with cancer was even more life altering. When Adam was 17 months old he was diagnosed with an often fatal form of cancer called a neuroblastoma. When the word came of his illness my wife was doing very well as a RN. I was working as a computer programmer full time and as a pastor of a small church part-time. Our lives were changed forever with one sentence from the pediatrician, "Your son has cancer."

My wife immediately quit her job and I had to take a leave of absence from both of mine. We went from making a nice living to barely getting by. On more than one occasion God came through with the financial and emotional support for us to survive. Through much testing and a marvelous surgeon's skillful care our son was spared his life. Behind every nurse taking blood samples, bone marrow tests and surgical incisions God was in control. Now twenty-one years later, Adam is a grown man and moving out on his own. Who knows he may get married and start a family of his own someday soon. His moving out and moving on with his life is a testimony to the grace of God. Good luck buddy, never forget that your life was saved for God's glory and His purpose.