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November 15, 2011


Ross Turner

OOPS - it was actually Ken Ham and BRITT Beamer (Americas research Group). (Not Todd Beamer - hero of flight 93....) memory is the first to go, isn't it? :)

Ross Turner

The reasons you cite for teens leaving and not having much interest in returning is exactly right. It is backed up by statistical research as well, as in Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis) and Todd Beamer's book "Already Gone" which discusses just this topic and results of a survey of 1000 18-25 year old young people who have left the church. The results are right in line with your own experience. They see through the superficial, and see no reason for putting on a face if it's not real. They want to be given answers, and as you have said, we should be ready to provide them. Meat more likely than milk.... Thanks for your insight Pastor Ken!

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