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I Have a Heart Problem

This week I'm thinking about my heart. Not in the spiritual way pastors usually speak of the heart. No, I am referring to my physical heart. I have a echocardiogram Friday morning. So this week I'm thinking about my heart.

About 4 years ago my family doctor said that he heard a mytral valve reflux when he listened to my heart. I told him I had heard doctors tell me that since I was a little boy. He sent me to a cardiologist and before I knew it they were sticking a camera down my throat while I took a medically induced nap.

Upon my follow-up visit to a cardiologist he announce we needed to do surgery. What kind I asked. The kind where we take out your heart and play with it he said. Well maybe he didn't say it just like that; but that's what I heard. The next day I changed cardiologists.

Since then I have done more than a half dozen echo's. Each time they measure my heart to see if it is enlarging. Thankfully, just like the Grinch before his conversion, my heart has retained its small size. The truth is I pray the same prayer each evening; "Lord heal my heart for your glory!"

So, this week I'm thinking about my heart. Only when there is a test looming before me do I ever evcn think about having a heart condition. It doesn't hurt. It doesn't slow me down. It doesn't change my daily routine whatsoever. But, when I have a test scheduled it reminds me that I have a heart problem. It will continue to invade my thoughts until after the cardiologist shares  the results with me when I meet with him in about two weeks.

I have a sin problem too and so do you. And I don't think much about it until I have a test coming. When the test appears and threatens to suck the life out of me, I come to know how bad my sin problem really is. Instead of turning to the Great Physician, I too often turn to my flesh. I feel the same way when I approah God's Word. I'm feeling pretty good about my sin until I see my reflection in His Word. Then I see how far I fall short of where I imagined I was.

I feel that way about Sundays too. I think a lot of people avoid church because they are confronted with their sin problem when they attend a Sunday service. So rather than facing the problem they just avoid the exam. They are more likely to attend when they are feeling pretty good about themselves. But when they are having spiritual heart failure they would rather not be reminded.

Fortunately, my heart problem is treatable. So is my sin problem. So is yours. So instead of neglecting it, why don't we look into His Word to get better. Why not attend church this weekend to receive healing. You won't be alone. There's a lot of folks in our waiting room with an appointment to be seen by The Doctor. Just take a seat, The Doctor will be with you soon!