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Simple is Good

In 15 minutes I will putting on my jacket and walking from my office on the second floor to the worship center for the first of two Christmas Eve commuinion services.

I haven't been writing much lately. I guess you've noticed. I've been through a creative dry spell. I have just run out of anything new to say. Twenty four years of three to  five message or Bible studies a week can take a toll on the mind.

So, in about 12 minutes now, I'm going downstairs to lead communion. I have instructed the sound, audio and lighting techs to keep it simple. No videos and  no adjusting lights during the service. Once the candles are lit nothing changes. I have come upon a profound truth when it comes to technology; just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should.

So in a few minutes hundreds of families will be spending 3o minutes with us to refocus on the meaning of tonight. They will not be bombarded with flashing lights or loud music. I imagine they've had enough of that already this holiday season. Simple music, simple lighting and no one yelling. We are not taking an offering or asking guests to register.

We will simply break bread together. We will remember His birth. We will remember His agony. We will look beyond this night to a day when we will all be together before our Savior. So even if you are not downstairs at Dallas Bay in a few minutes to chill with us, get alone somewhere tonight before you go to bed and thank God for the simple things in life. Family, friends and God's precious gift. Merry Christmas!