Wouldn't You Like to be a Picker Too?

Have you noticed how TV is becoming bloated with reality shows. It began with Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor and so on. Now, the airwaves are dominated by another form of reality. I don't know the technical term, if there is one, for this new breed of programming. I will just refer to them as vocational reality television. VRT's include Pawn Stars, L.A. Ink, Selling New York, Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress and many others. These shows follow people around with camera crews and microphones as they do their jobs. There is a new one beginning soon about a family run truck stop. My favorite of the new VRT genre is "American Pickers." Of all the occupations out there besides what I am doing now, the one I would most want to do is their job. Here is why:

    They never stay in one place very long. They are constantly on the move and meeting people.

    They see value in the things and lives of others that the public deems as trash.

    They appreciate the simple things in life and are able to discern original from fake.

    They like what they do and enjoy each other's company.

It seems to me Mike and Frank are living the way God has intended for all of His children to live. I'm not making a judgment on their religious or moral views, but I do believe they could teach Christians a thing or two about how to live life to its fullest. I think VRT shows are so attractive because the viewer can live vicariously through the characters on their screen without leaving the safety or the comfort of their couch. Why live through someone else when God has given all of us the same opportunities to live an abundant life? Who knows, if you did, maybe a film crew will be following you around someday.