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Ode to the Aluminum Christmas Tree

Well, it's that time of year again. At least at our house. It's Christmas. Disregard the 65 degrees outside and the fact that leaves haven't fully turned nor let go. Thanksgiving is still nine days away, but at the Duggan ranch, it's CHRISTMAS. I always tend to blame the premature celebration on my wife, but if the truth were known I am just as much at fault as she is. I have my XM dialed in to channel 103, the all sappy, all the time, Karen Carpenter and Johnny Mathis Christmas music station.

Around the house are less than gentle reminders of the holiday season that is already in full swing. Bright Christmas ornaments are twisted around the dining room light. The table is set with holiday dishes. Wreaths are hanging on mirrors and doors. The stockings are hung by sparkling Christmas package hooks across the mantle. A glass manger scene anchors one end of the shelf above the fireplace. Christmas pillows are slung on every sofa and chair. (A new one this year reads, "Dashing through the dough!" Very appropriate) I am, just this evening, going to break out the vintage 1960's Santa head with red cellophane wreath and hang it in the window of my study.

But, nothing says Christmas like an aluminum Christmas tree. Yes, bloggers and blogettes, I said aluminum. You know the tree that is festively illuminated by an electric color wheel. Well, at the Duggan ranch, we have two. Matter of fact, we've already burned the bulb out in one. It's awesome! An aluminum Christmas tree demands respect. It just jumps out at you when you walk into the family room. It refuses to be ignored as it changes from one magical color to another as the colored wheels spin off each flank.

You may think we have an aluminum tree just because I like to be different and somewhat rebellious. You are, of course, at least partially correct, but not entirely. Like many of you I come from a broken home. Christmas from age 10 and on was a little strained to say the least. Spending time with one parent in the morning and with the other in the afternoon. I longed for things to be the way they used to be. The way things were at my friend's house. Where mom and dad would wake the kids up and they would open presents together. After age 10 it was never the same. But before the divorce we had a great time at Christmas. We weren't well off...we couldn't even see "well off" from where we lived so toys were few and far between. I took the Christmas catalogs from Sears and J.C. Penney's and circled all the toys I wanted for that Christmas. One of them would be under the tree. Along with a new pack of tidy white underwear and a bag of tube socks there would always be that one toy. It would always be under that sparkling, ever changing, bright silver metallic Christmas tree. So forgive me for my "Ode to the Aluminum Christmas Tree", but lying underneath that tree brings back some of my happiest memories, and happy memories are too valuable to wait until after Thanksgiving to unwrap.

In His Shadow,

Pastor Ken     Christmas_tree


Amy P.

Amen to Aluminum Trees! The Phillips abode will soon be festooned with aluminum branches and that crazy circling light! We'll have to wait until we return from Thanksgiving travels, but I get giddy just thinking about it!

Amy P.


Be thankful for 65 degree weather, I'm in Jackson, MS,and today it was 78. Tomorrow it will be 61, but will return to 76 by Saturday. It is hard to get in th holiday spirit when you can wear shorts outside.It was very nice to read this post tonight, I'm longing for that Christmas feeling. Law school doesn't leave much time for anything, but studying. However, it has given me a new appreciation for the time when I do get to see my family, and it makes me very thankful for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday when we will all be together again.

Happy Thanksgiving, (Thanksgiving should be more than one day!)


Funny you posted about this. I was browsing Christmas items and ran across a tree like this. I thought of you all and wondered. Now I know you have two! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving and I am praying for you as you prepare to bring the message for our community wide event. I just love this so much to see the denominational barriers down. What a blessing.
In His love,



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