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Heading to Dallas

Announcing New Meeting

This is an announcement only for those who read this blog. I will formally announce this new meeting next month. Every Saturday starting May 3rd at 7 PM we are beginning "The Refuge @ Dallas Bay." The service will be held in the "Refuge", the newest addition on the campus of DBBC. The weekly worship time will be led by a band and vocalists performing edgy contemporary music in a casual atmosphere. Our goal is to reach out to those who are looking for something not easily found in a traditional southern city like Chattanooga. This will be the fifth service offered each weekend at Dallas Bay and will hopefully pave the way for a more contemporary and creative service during the second hour when we build the new auditorium. Please lift Rick (worship leader) and myself up in prayer as we try to reach out to this group on Saturday nights.

Pastor Ken      



Dang. How much more can one man do? :) I am excited to hear this. I know it will reach many others who don't fit in to "normal" church. I will definately keep you both in prayer. This is something that can only be done in supernatural strength! Go God!
Much love,

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