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Truths About the People God Has Placed in Your Life

I am basically a teacher. While I like to blog my thoughts, it is difficult for me not to turn those thoughts into lessons. This is one of those times. To really understand what I am about to share you really need to read "The Three Amigos" again. (The blog immediately prior to this one.)

Here are some truths concerning how you respond to the people God has placed in your life.

Truth #1: Don't confuse the three. To allow a constituent or comrade into your inner circle is dangerous. They are attached to you for a reason. They are either for things you are for or they are against something (not all things) you are against. Because they are "issue connected" and not "person connected", you will quickly find yourself on the short end of the stick if you ever change your opinion on their cause. By letting them on the inside you have only armed them with information that may injure you for the sake of the cause. The constituents will not consider their actions as betrayel because their loyalty was never to you but to the cause.

Truth #2: Don't alienate constituents and comrades just because they aren't confidants. You don't need many confidants. Confidants are great, but they are time consuming. Because they are loyal to you regardless of your cause, they deserve encouragement and cultivation. You can't possibly invest as much time and energy into those who are only involved in your life because of issues. That doesn't diminish their importance. They are critical in helping you achieve the purpose for which you have been created. Jesus invested Himself in His disciples and then commissioned them to go out and invest in others. It was not possible for Him to invest personally into the lives of the multitudes. If Jesus couldn't do it, neither can you.

Well, I have several other truths to share, but my mind dictates to my fingers faster than they are able to perform. So I will save a few for the next  edition of "Out of the Box."

In His Shadow,

Pastor Ken   


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