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Water Walking Isn't For Cowards

In the small group I attend we talked about what it would take for us to get out of the boat and walk on water. The discussion, of course, was based on the account of Peter walking on the water with Jesus while the other 11 stayed in the boat. Was it Peter's personality that caused him to "hang ten" without a surfboard? Was it more spiritual? Could it be that he wanted to be next to Jesus regardless of the risk? Were the others more careful or cautious than Peter? The answer; yes. Probably there is truth in each of these answers. It seems the percentages have always been about the same. About one out of ten will ever step "out of the box" (thus the name of my blog) and try something risky for God. The critics stay in the boat and disregard for a moment that the daring ever walk on the water. They simply nod at one another as they see the Simon Peter's of the world sink like a "rock." "I told you so" is their favorite phrase.

Still, I would rather be numbered with those who try something great for God, even if we sometimes fail, than to stay in the boat with those who never know the thrill of walking on the water. Even if the experience lasts a moment, the memory of walking with Jesus where others fear to trod will last for eternity.

In His Shadow,

Pastor Ken   



You just do not know how much your words mean to me-how timely. Thank you for continually stepping out of the boat. Thanks for your encouragement. I pray you will always know how much you are loved and appreciated first by our Savior and next by people like me. It gets very weary outside the boat. It is a reminder that comes when my eyes get diverted from Jesus. It is good to know I am in good company. It makes it easier to step out when you follow a good leader who does the same.
Much love,

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