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I realize with all this talk about the paranormal those who read this blog and hear my messages concerning the paranormal may think I only value experiential faith. That would not be true. I only suggest we have unfairly relegated experience to past saints and present fanatics. I still believe our experiences must be validated by the truth of God's Word. Let me explain.

The great Christian author, C.S. Lewis, was promoting proper theology and Bible study when a soldier in attendance interrupted. This man argued that such mental faith was not to be valued over true spiritual experiences where a believer may encounter almighty God. The officer then told of an experience he had while stationed in a remote desert all alone. He talked in glowing terms of such an encounter and he was obviously deeply moved and dramatically changed by the "Paranormal" experience. When he finished Lewis did not discount the importance of this man's encounter with God, but attempted to put it in perspective with an analogy. He said that standing at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean is a deeply moving experience as well. There you may hear the surf, feel the salt spray in your face, and be overcome with the immensity of the sight. Contrast that scene with a map. Just lines and color printed on paper. Not nearly as impressive as the ocean itself. Now imagine you wanted to go deeper into the ocean. You want to travel on it's waves and be carried by it's winds to distant and exotic lands. Which would be more important then? You could not travel if it were not for the ocean lifting you up from below. But you would be lost if it were not for the map. The map would allow you to know more about the ocean than your senses allow you to experience. It would keep you from poor and even dangerous evaluations about the scope and magnitude of the Atlantic. One fills you with wonder and makes you want to know and explore more. The other, the map, assists you to make the most of the experience by informing you about the magnitude of the ocean by those who traveled it's water before.

The danger of living for paranormal experiences alone is that it will land you in dangerous and frightful situations. Those who go spirit hunting without being spirit filled find themselves out numbered and out-gunned. No, the truth of God's Word says that it is not necessary to seek out evil spirits. We are to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  You don't have to look for the devil. He is around you all the time. We should pray as Jesus teaches "and deliver us from the evil one" because he is "roaming the earth seeking whom he may devour." So appreciate divine encounters when they occur and consistently check the map for validation of the truth of your experience.  


Lora Liles

You know, Pastor Ken, I have found that the faith one has without the need for a paranormal experience says that this person was grown in faith. Those of us who have had the need for a paranormal experience only signifies that we had to be brought to faith. Thomas asked to see the nail-scarred hands of Jesus in order to believe that it was, in fact, Jesus standing before him. He was still a disciple. Some of us simply have grown into fear of trust and faith and had to be BROUGHT to faith. That is the path that God had for me. Others, however, are following a different path. Still, the path that God has for them. So glad you are on the path that God has for you. Verlon and I have been learning so very much from you. God has such wonderful plans for us all... and it is all for His good pleasure and purpose as far as I can see.

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