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Steps in the Dark

When the New Car Smell Fades

I've found my favorite book ever. Outside of God's Word, of course. I can't tell you much about it yet. I haven't read it all. Well, I have actualy only read a single chapter. I was captured by the title, "Second Guessing God, hanging on when you can't see his plan." I heard Brian Jones interviewed a few months ago nd I remember thinking; "Wow, finally an honest pastor." I don't think pastors regularly are dishonest about the Bible, but they are often untruthful about their own personal struggles.

While in seminary Brian was deluged with liberal theological input. These were his professors and mentors. They often discounted the truth of God's Word. Absolutes were discarded for relative truth. While under their influence the author's faith began to shrivel and die. He writes, "the new car smell of my faith had worn off, and I found myself fighting to hang on." LIsten as he remembers the words that chnged the direction of his life.

"One night in a last ditch effort to salvage whatever remnant of faith I had left, I called a mentor and professor of mine from college and shared my struggle with him. I told him, "My faith in God is now like a walk on the beach. I've taken off my shoes, and as I stand at the water's edge, the tide has started to roll across my feet. It feels wonderful. Up to this point my spiritual journey has been incredible, but in the last six months doubt has begun to paralyze me. It's like when the water begins to go back out into the ocean. It is washing away the sand underneath me, and my feet keep sinking lower and lower and lower. If this keeps up there won't be anything left to stand on.""

"Without hesitation he shot back, "Brian, I have stood where you're standing. I have felt the water cascade across my feet. I know how wonderful that feels. But I have also had the water go back out to sea. I have felt the sand get washed out from underneath my feet.""

"He paused - I think he heard me crying - before he slowly finished. "Brian, listen to me when I say this. When the last grain of sand is finally gone, you're going to discover you are standing on a rock.""

Brian Jones writes, "That one sentence saved me." What a great word! So to all of you who are human enough to admit that you struggle sometimes with your faith; this books for you.


So many have been fascinated by the "Paranormal" series I just completed. I thought I would add one more to the list of incredible encounters with the supernatural. Today, after 4 weeks, a survivor has been found in Haiti. Doctors say it is impossible to survive that long without water. How did the rescued man explain his ability to survive for so long? A man dressed all in white was bringing him water while he was pinned by the rubble. AWESOME!!!   



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