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Coming Next Season

It's time for that sneak preview I give to all of you who read "Out of the Box."  Here in the blogosphere I want to share with you what the Lord has laid on my heart to study and teach for the next six months or so. There is nothing mystical here. I just look at my Bible for the things I have been recently reading and list those things I know people have been dealing with. I try to balance Old Testament and New. I begin writing on a notepad those things the Lord is bringing to mind. Some things never make it to fruition. Like this year, I had planned upon delivering a series of messages called "Insecurity." It's not going to happen. At least not this year. It seemed like it was from the Lord at the time, but I was never able to bring it to life. I think the Holy Spirit guides during these times and He wasn't leading down this path. Maybe next year. I know there is some risk here. More than once I have seen my series advertised on church signs before I ever bring them to the podium on Sunday. I can live with that. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I will be speaking at Christmas on the Christmas theme. That's a given. I don't think its a cop out or being lazy. I just never tire of telling the stories of the characters surrounding the birth of Jesus. But after the holidays here is what I'm planning. (Not necessarily in this order.)  

Upon this Rock

Biblical accounts of past and future events on and around the Temple Mount. These are some of the most dramatic and teachable moments in the Bible. (The story of the sacrifice of Issac is an example.)

Running On Empty

Cause, effects and cures for spiritual burnout. We will look at characters in Scripture and study how they got through, or didn't make it, during times of burnout.


Stories of Biblical characters whose lives were shattered by tragedy and how they survived.


Following the thread of God's presence in the midst of His people. (Mt. Sinai, the Tabernacle, The Temple, Jesus Christ incarnate, and heaven.

Delivered (Romans 7:6)

The truth about being delivered from the burden of law into the liberty of God's grace.

The Word

What the Bible says about its purpose and its origin. Arguments and evidence for the truth and accuracy of the Bible.

These topics should get us through the first half of 2011. Please pray that God will use these series of messages to bring about His will and purpose in our lives.  


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