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One Size Fits All and other Popular Myths

A couple of years ago I lost some weight. Those of you around that long may remember I wrote about how I changed my eating habits to achieve my goals. Cutting back on fried foods, no sugar laden drinks, backed off on the red meat and I ate only whole grain bread. That's been two years now, and while I've gained some of it back, I've managed to be able to continue to wear the smaller sizes I bought back then. I went from a 38" waist to a 34". I dropped my shirt size from an XL to an L and in some cases a medium. My neck went from a 17" to a 16". I'm reminded of all this because I just got several articles out of the dry cleaners for this fall and they all fit. However, I never had to buy new socks. Socks aren't divided into meaningful sizes. They usually say something like "For sizes 7 - 13". Or "One Size Fits All."  Really? What if dress makers took the same approach? "Fits all sizes from Petite to Bountiful Women". I know for a fact that I can't wear a size 7 shoe. To think that a sock for someone who has a foot 4" shorter than mine (I currently travel on foot with size 11's) needs the same size sock is hard to imagine. I know "they stretch" some of you are saying. But if you try and stretch a a size 13 foot into a sock that will fit snugly around a 7 some "rippage" is bound to take place.

So what does this have to do with faith you ask? Well plenty. Since I am a Bible teacher everything has a spiritual application. Take worship styles for instance. We just began two new styles at two new venues. One style is traditional and the other is contemporary. These two along with our blended service at our main site brings us to 3 styles of worship. The word on the street early on was that the preacher, that being me, was trying to separate the age groups from one another. He was sending the older people to one place of worship and the young ones to still another. He was keeping the middle agers with him.   Devious aren't I? Except, it wasn't true. Go to anyone one of these three worship services and you will find people of every age. There are those older than me at the contemporary service and much younger than me at the traditional service. As a matter of fact, our oldest son and his fiance enjoy the traditional service the best. They are in their early twenties.

One size doesn't fit all. Its not true in socks and its not true in worship either. What followers of Christ wants is true worship...heartfelt worship. Not phony or contrived. Jesus said "those who worship God should worship Him in spirit and in truth!" I'm looking forward to visiting our satellite campuses to experience worship in several different styles. The method of our worship is nothing compared to the object of our worship. "Where two or three are gathered together in my Name, I am there in the midst of them."                


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