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Rut Mentality

Now, here's another reason  not to get into a rut. My motto is, "you can't spell routine without r - u - t." So I admit it. I broke one of my own rules. I fell into a rut. Blue Coast Burritto is closed. For the last couple of years I have gone to this hip establishment for lunch on my off day. I looked forward to it. I could answer their questions before they were asked. "Spinach tortilla, rice and pintos please. No queso and mild sauce please. Yes, yes, and yes (to the question 'Do you want pico, cheese and lettuce.') Pickled jalapenos, white onions and that's all, thanks."

Now, they're closed. No sign. No sorry to our loyal customers , but we had to leave. Nothing. What am I to do now. I know, some of you are saying, there's always Mo's. No disrespect for those of you who have shunned the BCB for Mo's, its just that you don't really understand rut mentality. In a rut doing anything but the rut doesn't satisfy. It's almost like being unfaithful. It's akin to heresy. The activity becomes entrenched in your belief system and it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the two. I went to Mo's every 6th day of the week and sat at the same pew, oops I meant table, and it fulfilled a need in my life. It's not that eating something different would kill me or anything, but I was so comfortable at my table. I would put up with less than a good burritto at times just because I felt like I belonged.

And that annoying "Welcome to Mo's!" Over and over again. Aren't there any other verses to that song? I want things to be the way they used to be. I want to go back to the days at Blue Coast when only a few people knew about this little out of the way place to eat. I want to go back when each of the servers recognized me when I walked into the door. I'll never forget the first time I came a little after lunch time and someone was sitting in my seat. Can you believe it?   

I may try another eating establishment or two. I don't know. Maybe I'll just eat at home from now on. I can get just as much nourishment at home as I did down there at that place anyway. And another thing, they were always after my money.       



Blue Coast is closed???? We ate their about three weeks ago; we had no idea...The Benefields are devastated.

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