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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am weary of trying not to offend others. I have come to conclude that is a burden I have not been called to carry. So I lay it down.

I have been asking myself how we got to where we are. I believe it is to some degree due to governmental policies and Supreme Court rulings. But these things have not happened in a vacuum.

A nation that was forged by and founded on Biblical truths and divine absolutes has declined to such an extent that its citizens have discarded such ideas as primitive and superstitious. What is retained of God's standards of morality are reduced to what is socially palatable and politically correct. "Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes." (Judges 21:25

All the while the majority of Christ followers in America have enjoyed the benefits of our founding father's prayers and sacrifice while offering neither of our own. We have fiddled while Rome has burned. Now we point fingers at others and appeal to God to return us to the environment we once enjoyed where we can be comfortable and complacent again.

The church has become impotent by forsaking the source of her power in exchange for tolerance by a society that is increasingly hesitant to be so. We have traded the bold and confrontational truths of God's Word for a desire to fill our houses of worship with people who do not pray, do not tithe, do not witness and are unwilling to commit. We have, by our desire to be tolerated, lost our seat at the table.

The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. It is the reality that the church was birthed and thrived in contention and public opposition. Early believers were forced to live out their faith or defect. The truth is that the church in America has lagged behind His followers in other countries in powerfully changing lives for decades now. God is moving in supernatural ways in places where He is least tolerated. He is radically transforming individuals, families and villages where persecution of His children is certain. If opposition is what it takes to make the church in America a force to be reckoned with again then the best days may yet be ahead of us.    


Ron Kohlin

More than thirty years ago Frances Schaeffer said that we, in America, are seeking only Personal Peace and Affluence. We do not look to follow God but rather want to be left alone in whatever mode of life we choose. The Word of God no longer matters to many people. Meanwhile, Christians around the world are thriving, spiritually, under persecution.
Come, Lord Jesus.

Teresa Stephens

Thanks brother Ken!!!

Michael Beard

The road to hell is paved with political correctness.

Ken Thomas

There is wisdom in your commentary. We have focused for too long on the wrong issue, which is the expectation that the world should act like God wants. When believers begin acting like He wants, blessings will follow. Father, forgive us for judging others. Show us how to love, beginning with each other.

Kathy Casteel

I am very thankful you shared these truths. These are truths we all need to be reminded of, we need to reflect on, and to pray for our nation.


If you have to try constantly not to offend someone, then rude things must be on the tip of your tongue all the time. What's in your heart will come out of your mouth. So put a little love in your heart.

Fred Mashburn

If things continue on this path, before long, the true Church will be forced underground in America. I mean the Church that truly follows Christ and stands on the truth of God's Word. I see the signs of it on the horizon. Our society preaches tolerance for everyone except followers of Christ. We see images from around the world where Christians are being killed simply because they confess their belief in Christ. I wonder if it will happen in my lifetime, but I'm quite certain it will happen in the lifetime of my kids. "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus..."

Scott Pollard

I believe the Church has diluted its influence in government and society because of the sins that fester within it. It's hard to talk about the sanctity of marriage when you are sleeping with whoever you want, unfaithful to your own spouse, and on your second, third, or even fourth marriage. I know of no churches that endorse this kind of behavior but we are known by our fruit and it seems there's a lot of it that is rotten these days.

Gail Herport

Thanks for standing on the truth, God's truth! Well said!

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