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As I sat looking at the charcoal grey apron pinned around my neck covering my form down past my knees I noticed a stark contrast. Locks of nearly white hair lay against the dark vinyl apron. It had been a couple of months since my last haircut and my hair was both noticeably whiter and thinner. How could this be? My father is 86 and his hair isn't this white. It isn't white at all. My brother is four years my senior and his hair isn't white either. What gives?

Sunday morning before services began my grandson Graeme grabbed his Poppy's hand to lead me on our stroll through the worship center and out a side door. It's a tradition that was started as soon as he was able to walk without assistance. When we finished our circuit I handed him off to "Howie." She is known to everyone but her grandson as Marilyn, my wife. I quickly returned to the worship center to glad hand as many visitors as possible before the service officially began. Shaking hands with one sweet lady I listened as she remarked, "I remember when my grandchild was that small. Just las week I sent him off to college." After sarcastically thanking her for her uplifting words I grimaced as a flashback of carrying Graeme's dad through the worship center suddenly invaded my thoughts. It seemed like just yesterday I was introducing him as our precious baby boy. Now I was introducing his son as my grand baby. What gives?

Can time pass so quickly and exact such a toll on our appearance without our notice. One day I'm sitting in a hospital waiting room listening as one of my members is trying to convince someone that I am old enough to be his pastor, and the next I am trying to convince myself I am not too old to be relevant. It all seems to have happened overnight.  It truly is as James wrote "What is your life? It is but a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." So true! So true!

So here's the question I'm asking myself; "Do I have any less time to be productive than I did when I was twenty years old?" Do I need to write of many of my hopes and dreams as unattainable since I have reached my late fifties? Actually, after some reflection, I have determined I have the same amount of time I had as a young man; I have this moment. No more and no less. No one is promised tomorrow. No age is exempt from hardship, tragedy or death. All of us, regardless of our age, have a purpose and a reason for being. So I'm glad God is highlighting my hair. Lots of people pay good money to have someone far less capable do that. And so what if my hair is thinning. It couldn't happen at a better time; bald is cool again.        


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