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Another of God's Prophets is Called Home

LoweryOne of the greatest preachers of this and the last generation was called to heaven Sunday. Most of my Baptists readers have probably never heard of him. T. L. Lowery, was a pentecostal pastor, preacher, evangelist and spiritual leader. I have been impressed with very few people in my life more than this man. When I was a child he would come to our church and hold revivals. Sometimes indoors and at other times the church would set up a tent on the lawn and throw sawdust on the floor and line up folding chairs. Where ever he preached it was to a standing room only crowd. Yes they were fiery. Yes they were emotional. But they were also filled with a lot of truth.

No man ever looked like a preacher more than Brother Lowery. Billy Graham may be better known, but with their commanding appearance neither could have been mistaken for anything but mighty men of God. In a day when genuine spirituality  is often replaced with trumped up theatrical performances this man's character would not allow him to "fake it until you make it." If he served as a pastor, the church experienced exponential growth. When he preached revivals they became great movements of the Holy Spirit. He was not forced into pushing people to the ground so they might experience God's power. I have never known him to bring attention to himself as he ministered in the Spirit. God always took center stage as this man of God stayed out of His way.

My father is not a man who would ever fake his spiritual experiences either. Dad has shared with me many times how on one occasion he was knocked off his feet in a church service. T. L. Lowery was holding a revival when my father came forward for prayer. As dad approached this man he stretched his hand toward him but never touched him. My father describes a sudden shock of electricity that hit him in his forehead that pushed him to the ground. While lying there God ministered to his spiritual needs.

I was speaking to a pastor one day who had a similar experience in one of Dr. Lowery's services. The young man had only recently surrendered to the ministry. As he sat in the the service  he began to smell a wonderful scent that reminded him of flowers. Thinking it was a powerful perfume of a nearby female he moved to another spot in the room. He did this twice only to find the distinctive aroma was each place he went. About that time Lowery spoke from the pulpit, "Do you swell the sweet scent of the Rose of Sharon passing by?" Then Dr. Lowery pointed to him and called him to come forward. Just as in my father's case he didn't lay a finger on this young preacher. However, he was knocked to the ground by a force he could not see. Then  in a few moments when he attempted to get to his feet and leave Dr. Lowery said that God wanted him to receive a double portion and once again this young man found himself on the floor. 

Such stories could be repeated over and over by those who were touched by this man's ministry. He would go on fasts for weeks at a time just so God would use him to change lives and powerfully preach His Word. If I could have one-third the impact on people's lives as Dr. Lowery's when my life is over I would consider myself a blessed man.  


Louise M. Smith

Ken, I remember the times he was at our church, Daisy Church of God, and the tent services. He sure was a man of God.

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