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From Despair to Desperation

Excuse me for the brevity of this entry. I just returned from 10 days off and realized it's been awhile since I jotted down any thoughts on this blog. So I thought I would just share with you what's on my mind. 

The Sunday before I left on vacation I shared a message entitled "Speak to this Mountain." In it I detailed the issues we are facing as a church. The previous Sunday being Easter I had observed the traffic jams and overflow issues we had. We have for years wanted to have a facility large enough for two services instead of the three we have each weekend and the four services necessary for holidays. I suddenly came to realize if we were to have such a facility the roads, parking lots, preschool space and children's areas could not handle crowds. In effect, if we solved one problem we would in fact create many more. I have to admit my first thoughts were very discouraging. Many of these issues no amount of money can fix. For example, I can't enlarge the street leading to our campus. So just for a moment the dark shadow of hopelessness enveloped me.

Then it hit me. This is exactly where God wants us. We have always been able to reason or resource ourselves through every obstacle that has ever stood in Dallas Bay's path. Now this mountain is too big. It's too big for my pea sized brain. So what's the alternative? Turn to God. Admit that the mountain is bigger than us, but not bigger than Him. "Speak to this mountain" is what I felt in my spirit. Suddenly the discouragement turned to anticipation. We've never seen God knock down the walls of Jericho or part the Red Sea around here, but I believe.

I've come to conclude that discouragement can be a good thing. It can lead you to despair. Which is certainly not a good thing. But despair only takes residence in our hearts when we look to our own abilities to move the mountain. Instead of despair, this mountain has moved me to desperation. I'm desperate to see God do what  is impossible for us. I'm desperate to see God's people lift up their hands in praise to our "ever present help" instead of throwing their hands in the air from despair. I believe God has brought us to the end of our resources so we can see where His begins!          


Bill Bruning

Nothing happens that hasn't gone through God first. When we are patient enough,God will show us the way. It is no fun waiting on God, but he has his own time schedule and we are but mere facilitators of his decisions.

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