A Nearly Forgotten Prophetic Word

Out of the Box's Swan Song

This may come as no surprise to those of you who still read this blog. This, barring unforeseen developments, is my last entry. Times are a changing. I don't read blogs anymore. Technology is changing the way we get information. The only physical books I acquire now days are those given to me. I get my news and entertainment through short videos on my phone or iPad. My truck manual is on my phone where I can tap an icon and read only the paragraph that relates to the question I have. The only blogs I listen to are video or audio podcasts from Christian leaders I choose to learn from.

Not only am I changing the way I communicate ideas based upon technology, but also because of basic human behavior. I have written 382 blog posts prior to this one. Most posts solicit around 100 views the day they are released and quickly drop to 25 - 30 a day for days following. I haven't done the math, but I quickly scanned my previous entries just before writing this one, and I found that 90% solicit 0 responses from the readers. However, when I wrote about controversial issues like Bruce Jenner's sex transformation or my opinion about the new leader of our missions board, the number of readers and comments would spike. People love controversy. They also love to be ugly to people who don't share their social, religious or political views. I don't enjoy controversy. I most often keep my opinions to myself. I don't like that rush of  selfish pride when I step up on my stump to speak of or defend my personal opinion. It feels good for a minute, but it quickly melts into regret. I have the greatest job in the world. I get to teach what I know is truth. I didn't write it. It isn't my opinion. I don't even have to defend it. I just tell it.

One other reason I'm ending my blogging career. I want to reach as many people as possible in the time I have left occupying the awesome position God gas allowed me to fill. If you are not willing to stir up controversy, blogging outreach is minuscule compared to other forms of communication. For example, just last week I sat down with a young lady who helps Dallas Bay with social media  and a camera phone. We live-streamed  as I answered a list of question posted on Facebook. In a little over 24 hours that video had reached thousands; no script, not setup and no expense. It takes much more effort to sit down, put my thoughts together, and peck out my thoughts on a keyboard. The results compared to the time and effort expended is greatly in favor of the video format.  

I'm going to leave the link to my blog on the church's website for the near future. I hope you will go back and read some of my earlier posts again. I do that on occasion. I have even spent some time assembling them together as a kind of online devotional. After all, there are more than enough to do one for each day of the year. It's also a good place for newcomers to Dallas Bay Church to get to know their pastor. I already feel a bit of tension leaving my body as I write these last few words. I pray I will no longer will feel guilty for not writing entries often enough. Look for more live-streaming Q&A videos to be announced soon. So I bid you a farewell as I ride off into the blogging sunset. God bless!     


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